Tres Marias



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Tres Marias Live Sept 16, 2023


Je Le Savais Tout Le Temps & Along The Way on SoundCloud:

Founded in 1988 as a garage rock band, Tres Marias constantly dies and resurrects again, sometimes as a rock band, sometimes as a folk band, sometimes as a country gospel band. 

Strives for eternal life now with Florida Swing & Cajun & TexMex waltz outliers on stage this year.

Sometimes sounds like Johnny Cash meets Buena Vista at a Dance Hall in Tampa, has extensive material, so that no gig sounds like the other, likes to dock on the existing and constantly invents something new. 

Has written 2 songs more than God and Bob Dylan, even if God and Bob Dylan are slightly ahead in the famous ones.
Doesn't talk much on stage. Not happy to be here, but should always keep coming back. Doesn't growl songs in falsetto.



TML: vox; git
Doro Hübner: double bass
Jakob Platzek: violin
Benedikt Stein: piano
Anton Hübner: dr
Fabi Hoefer: perc; accordion; dr
Max Herzog: git